Gov. Jerry Brown: Democrats Should Welcome Pro-Life Candidates

What’s the motive? What they don’t see is that the real issue is money. If government keeps stealing it from us, we don’t have it to spend and then we have less and less of it.

Rep. Barbara Lee: ‘I Don’t Agree with States’ Rights’ Because Trump Does

And what happened to the rule of law? What pill or who has hypnotized these people?! or have they been abducted by aliens?! It is possible, she is from California.

Blank Book ‘Reasons to Vote for Democrats’ Now Amazon Best-Seller

Now this is a great book! Get one for all your friends! There’s a new best-seller on Amazon called “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” that’s being touted as a guaranteed path for the party to become “unstoppable.” Read More …