Trump Methodically Undoing Obama Policies

Our President has slowly been undoing Obama’s nation destroying policies. Some of them include areas concerning climate change, internet privacy, abortion/family planning, Keystone XL oil pipeline, Dakota Access Pipeline, fuel efficiency standards, Trans-Pacific Partnership, abortion/Mexico City policy, and personal finance. Pray that Trump has the backing to undo more of these family and nation destroying policies.

Judicial Watch Goes to Court for Accountability over Hillary Clinton’s Mishandling of Classified Emails

The people are most content when righteousness prevails. Lawlessness was the modus operandi of the Obama administration. If it felt a law stood in the way of its intentions, it ignored the law. Seems the Obama intelligence agencies learned this lesson well. In the critical matter of Hillary Clinton’s illegal email practices, the Director of National Intelligence simply ignored a directive requiring a damage assessment and a report. So we Read More …

Trump taps Kushner to Lead a SWAT Team to Fix Government with Business Ideas

I know that there is enormous waste within government. I have heard reports that there are sometime up to 9 different departments doing the same thing. Read Full Article