Blogger’s Threat to Kill Le Pen, Anti-Semitic Tweets

The tweets included threats against Front National leader Marine Le Pen, who he threatened to kill, but their author Medhi Meklat, 24, and his supporters have shrugged them off as a joke.

“I am going to slit your throat Muslim style” read the tweet threatening Le Pen. Another called for “Hitler to kill all the Jews”, while a third said he wanted to “rape” former Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief Charb, one of the victims of the January 2015 terror attacks, with a “Laguiole knife”.

Freedom is speech is great, but we must be responsible in what we say. As I sat in a group of junior high schoolers last night, I reminded them that our word can do good or do harm. We should be the ones to have words of encouragement.

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